Playing Tourist

New York City, July 2013 * Fuji X-E1, my new baby


In the heart of July, on the hottest day of the summer, three New Yorkers decided to row a boat in Central Park for the first time. Under the fierce, furious sun. Sweaty. Sticky. Humid. Sun. Must-keep-rowing-desperately-to-find-shade sun. We discovered our very own mermaid cove. Thought we spotted a lake monster that was actually a turtle. And found buried (er, floating) treasure. (Dear Sara, owner of the Guess? wallet of the lake, we hope you are ok and merely lost your wallet that day. Have you received your wet belongings we sent in the mail?)

Because this week marks my tenth month in the great country of Kenya, I pay tribute to a city I miss greatly. A city with many muses. Two who played with me all day long that hot summer Thursday. Two of my absolute favorites.