Rocamador de l'eau

La Croix Valmer, France * June 2014 * Fuji X-E1 & Lumix Panasonic DMC-TS5

Once upon a time. Two architects. Two lawyers. Three designers. A real estate agent. A fish out of water hammer. A Facebook psychologist. A Russian model. A hot humanitarian. A pair of siblings. A French villa named Rocamar that we called Rocamador. Cases of rosé numbering twenty. A donut float. So much food we wanted to explode. Hammock yoga. A bachelor bash. Our mascot - Donnie the ice cock. An upcoming wedding. A 30th birthday. Turkish towels. Pinks and blues. Lavender berry birthday cake. Les fleurs. Red, red cherries. Pernod Pernod Pernod. Pétanque. Topless tits. Sunscreen mist. The salty, salty sea. Truth or truth. Coastal hikes. Olympic swims around buoys. Hats. Beach keys. And groves of lemon trees. Bienvenue. To a lovely week. With my summer, French family.